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R34495 Khabarovsk 24 aug. 04:00  
PI283 Ust-May 23 aug. 15:30  
PI207 Saskylakh 23 aug. 14:00  
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R3431 Tiksi 23 aug. 13:40  
R3415 Deputatskiy 23 aug. 13:20  

Passenger code of conduct

The Air Carrier and passenger rights and liabilities. Different situations are presented: when the Air Carrier can refuse carriage of passenger, for how long the lost and found property is kept in the Unclaimed Baggage Room, etc. 

It is useful to remember that the Air Carrier is empowered to set the own rules for air carriage under the condition that these rules do not contradict the general air carriage regulations.

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General check-in regulations on all types of flights: international, domestic and local.
Check-in on international flights starts 3 hours prior to the departure at the International flights area of the Terminal at check-in counters ##10-12.
Check-in on domestic flights starts 3 hours prior to the departure at the Russian domestic flights area at check-in counters ##4-9.
Check-in on local flights starts 2 hours prior to the departure at check-in counters #1-2, 4-9 of local and Russian domestic airlines.
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Carriage of pets

Animals and pets are admitted for air carriage after a preliminary coordination with the Air Carrier. For passenger convenience carriage of pets and birds takes place in cover baskets, boxes, cages only upon presentation of a veterinary certificate. Dogs carried in the cabin shall have a dog extreme and be leashed.

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Customs control

In case of mandatory written declaring of goods you shall fill in the written customs declaration and show it together with the goods crossing the border, to the Customs official.

By presenting your baggage to the Customs official for inspection when crossing the border you actually declare that there are no goods in your baggage due for mandatory declaration besides those mentioned by you in the written declaration.

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Pre-flight inspection

Inspection of passengers, their hand baggage and baggage is carried out prior to the check-in and in the airports servicing international flights after passengers undergo the customs and the border control. The screening is in place for all domestic and international flights.

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Carriage of baggage

The passenger can carry free of charge the baggage within the free baggage allowance set by the Air Carrier. Each baggage item shall not exceed 50x50x100 cm. The weight of one piece of baggage shall not exceed 30 kg.

One piece of unchecked baggage (hand baggage) carried in the cabin shall not exceed 5 kg, its maximum size 45x35x15 cm.

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