Disclosure of information

Charter and in-house documents

Administrator of the register of shareholders

Yakutsk Airport Public JSC administers the share register of the Company registered securities.

The proformas required by the book runner:

The Company Auditor

In the audited period of 2011 the auditor for Yakutsk Airport Public JSC is Auditing and Consulting Firm Grand LLC.

Copies of documents

Copies of documents are issued according to Article 91 of the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies” and also Provisions for disclosure of information by the issuers of securities endorsed by Decree #06-117/pz-n of 10.10.2006 of Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia after presentation of the relative requirement made in the arbitrary written form and addressed to Yakutsk Airport Public JSC. The requirement shall state the name and address of the applicant (the individual shall indicate the family name, name and patronymic) and also a list of required documents. 

A copy of a document is released at a charge not exceeding the expenses for making such a copy. The cost of copying one white-and-black page in Format A is 7 roubles, VAT included.

For any questions concerning copies of documents and payments please contact us by tel. / fax +7 (4112) 49-10-21.

Banking details for covering expenses in copying documents:
Name of the beneficiary: Yakutsk Airport Public JSC
Address: #10 Gagarin St. Yakutsk 677014 Russia.
INN 1435235578, KPP 144950001
OGRN 1101435011710

Settlement account 40702810200040000656
in Yakutsk branch of Svyaz-Bank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Public JSC
Correspondent account 30101810200000000715
BIK 049805715 (Russian bank ID)


Annual reports

Notification on the disclosure of JSC Annual Report

Annual accounts

Notification on the Approval of Annual accounts

Notification of on the disclosure of Annual accounts (financial statement) on JSC Internet page

Lists of affiliates

Notification on the disclosure of the list of affiliates on the JSC webpage

Notification on the General Meeting of JSC shareholders

Notification on the change of webpage address used by JSC for disclosure of information

Decisions on release of securities