Provisions for discount for service customers performing transit cargo flights

1. Goals and principles of Provisions

1.1. Goals of Provisions:

1.2. Principles of Provisions

2. Terms and definitions

Service customers are air carriers performing regular and nonscheduled air carriage, operators of aircraft (operators) and also other entities using the airport services.  
Transit cargo flight is a flight performed by the aircraft specializing on and equipped for, only cargo carriage and making a tech stop in Yakutsk Airport. 
Tech stop is a technical landing without commercial load of aircraft (loading, unloading of cargo and mail).
Airport service is rendering services in take-off-landing and aviation security.
Discount is lowering the cost of service at a certain rate (percentage) in case the Customer performs the flight following these Provisions.

3. Terms and order of making a discount

3.1. The Provisions herewith are applied to Customers  only when they are making transit cargo flights.
3.2. In compliance with these Provisions discount is given to Customers who signed the Contract for a package of services for aircraft with Yakutsk Airport Public JSC.
3.3. In accordance with these Provisions discount is given to Customers after signing the respective additional Agreement to the Contract for a full package of aircraft services.
3.4. These Provisions do not cancel or change the order of calculating the cost of airport services and ground handling of aircraft.
3.5. According to these Provisions a discount is given for the cost of service calculated at the existing airport rates for charges as registered (published) in the established order.
3.6. For the validity time of these Provisions the Customer performing flights that correspond to the terms under these Provisions receives the discount of 30% of the total cost of airport services.    

4. Provisions validity period

4.1. These Provisions are valid since November 01 2011.
4.2. These Provisions have been in force for an indefinite term.