Border control

The passenger goes through passport control after check-in and customs control. The main documents identifying a Russian Federation citizen are:

Foreign nationals are permitted to enter or exit the Russian Federation upon presenting valid documents (concerning their validity period) that identify their personality and that are recognized in the Russian Federation as such documents, and a RF visa. 

All foreign nationals shall get a visa to enter RF.  RF has a visa-free entry/exit regime only with the CIS states, except Georgia and Turkmenistan. Russian entry visas can be obtained only at the Russian Embassy or a Consular office in the country of residence. For that an official invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an authorized tourist commercial company is required.

A minor citizen of the Russian Federation as a rule leaves the Russian Federation accompanied by at least one parent, an adoptive parent, a trustee or a guardian. In case a RF minor citizen leaves the Russian Federation unaccompanied, that minor citizen shall have besides a passport a notarized statement of the consent of the above persons for this minor to leave the Russian Federation indicating the time of exit and the state(s) the minor plans to visit.   

An RF entry visa is required for all persons and in all cases except for RF citizens and CIS citizens except those of Georgia and Turkmenistan.

Visas are single-entry except multiple entry ones. They shall be used in accordance with the conditions and time terms stated in these visas. Expired visas or passports bearing unauthorized official endorsements are considered non-valid. Passengers with tourist visas shall have a hotel reservation.  

All foreign nationals who stay in the Russian Federation for over 3 days shall get their Migration card registered at the Ministry for internal Affairs or register at hotels. The control of visas or other permits for entry to the foreign state is a liability of the transport company (Air Carrier of passengers). Upon exit from the RF the Border Control checks only the RF exit right and not the entry to the foreign state.

A Russian Federation citizen cannot be deprived of the right for entering the Russian Federation.  In case of loss of documents beyond the RF borders a RF citizen shall turn to the nearest RF Consular office or the Consulate General of Russia.

Please turn to the Airport Border Control check point for all matters related to crossing the state border of Russia at (4112) 44-31-59.