Customs control

Declaring the exported goods

In case of mandatory written declaring of goods you shall fill in the written customs declaration and show it together with the goods crossing the border, to the Customs official. In case there are no such goods you may not fill in the Customs declaration form. 

By presenting your baggage to the Customs official for inspection when crossing the border you actually declare that there are no goods in your baggage due for mandatory declaration besides those mentioned by you in the written declaration. 

There is mandatory declaration for the following:

In case there are problems with the declaration you can turn to the Customs officer for help. Goods designated for personal use and exported from the RF by natural persons are exempt from customs duties and taxes.  

Goods of historic and artistic value are subject to mandatory written declaration. The passenger shall present an Export Certificate from the RF Ministry of Culture stating that the exported item is not listed in the respective State Register and does not fall under the Law “On export and import of cultural values” and also present a photo of the item exported.

For the item of cultural value besides the written declaration an Export Certificate from the RF Ministry of Culture is necessary supplemented with the photo of the exported item.

For weapons besides a written declaration a special permit of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs is required. 

For string musical instruments besides declaration the Passport for the instrument bearing the stamp of the RF Ministry of Culture is required.

For a musical instrument made over 50 years ago a special permit from the RF Ministry of culture is required.