About Yakutia

The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic occupies almost the entire north-eastern part of Russia. It is the largest Russian Federation constitutional territory, over a third of which is behind the Arctic Circle.  The Republic extends from north to south for 2 000 km, from west to east for 2 500 km.

Yakutia is characterized by diversity of natural environment and natural resources. There are three time zones and four geographic zones in the Republic: dense taiga wilderness, vast tundra stretches, harsh mountain massifs and boundless glacial Arctic desert.  Yakutia is a region with a sharply continental climate. The annual temperature split is up to 100°C.

Exciting nature and richest wild life along with Yakutia diamonds are a symbol of our northern area. There is a low surface transport access to most of Yakutia hence aviation plays a key role in delivery of passengers.