Carriage of baggage

The passenger can carry free of charge the baggage within the free baggage allowance set by the Air Carrier. 

Each baggage item shall not exceed 50х50х100 cm in size. The weight of one piece of baggage shall not exceed 30 kg. One piece of unchecked baggage (hand baggage) carried in the cabin shall not exceed 5 kg, its maximum size 45х35х15 cm.

The passenger is required to have valuables, cash and documents in his (her) possession. Having them in baggage to check-in is prohibited. If the weight and size of baggage exceed the free baggage allowance an extra baggage allowance shall be booked in advance. If the passenger fails to do so the baggage exceeding the baggage allowance will be carried only upon the available technical opportunity.

Fragile and perishable articles that require special care during carriage (such as small-size portable tape recorders, computers, radio receivers, TV sets, items made of crystal, etc.) after coordination with the Air Carrier shall be carried in the passenger cabin.

The passenger is authorized to carry the following articles beyond the set free baggage allowance:

The free baggage allowance does not cover the following:

Carriage of the above articles is paid for after their actual weight disregardful of the baggage amount of that passenger.