Phytosanitary control

Every party of plant products crossing the RF border is subject to phytosanitary control at the airport. It is prohibited to import to the RF plants and plant products containing harmful quarantine organisms, and soil.

Natural persons are not allowed to import:

According to the RF legislation in force the under quarantine cargo can be confiscated, destroyed or returned to the exporter state after the decision of the specialists. Free of charge import of under quarantine materials up to 5 kg in weight is allowed when such are free from quarantine organisms and not on the list of prohibited products.

Import of under quarantine plants and plant products to the RF territory as foreseen by the rules and norms of quarantine plant surveillance is allowed when the phytosanitary certificate of the exporter state is available. 

Export of under quarantine products from the RF

The under quarantine plants and plant products exported from the RF shall answer all phytosanitary requirements set by the international agreements on quarantine and plant protection. Export is supplemented by the phytosanitary certificates. All under quarantine plants and plant products undergo plant health control and the phytosanitary certificate is released for them. 

The export cargo undergoes initial phytosanitary control at the place of shipment and the second time at the airport. Each party of under quarantine products is supplemented with a Quarantine certificate for shipments inside Russia. The control and certification are carried out by State Inspections of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.