Passenger code of conduct

Air Carrier rights

The Air Carrier can without warning unilaterally terminate, delay or postpone the flight to another time, transfer the passenger to another Air Carrier for carriage, re-route the flight changing the timetable, and also divert the flight from the intended landing point if necessary: 

The Air Carrier shall have the right to change the type of aircraft, to temporarily stop or restrict selling round trip tickets. 

The Air Carrier can refuse carriage of passenger if he (she):

Passenger terminating air carriage contract

Passenger’s refusal shall be considered involuntary if:

In case of involuntary refusal of a passenger from carriage the Air Carrier shall ensure the passenger’s carriage with one of the nearest flights stipulated by the schedule or refund the cost of carriage without any penalties.

A voluntary refusal of a passenger from carriage is understood as refusal on personal grounds. In that case the passenger is refunded according to the tariff regulations. The ticket is made at the accredited agency where such a ticket was acquired.   

Air Carrier liability

The Air Carrier is liable for the following:

Note: Air Carriers are empowered to set their own rules for air carriage. These rules must not contradict the general air carriage regulations or degrade the quality of passenger services rendered.   

The liability of the Air Carrier in international carriage of passengers and baggage is identified by the following:

The Air Carrier liability relates to the following:

The Air Carrier liability for loss or shortage of baggage accepted for carriage without declaring its value is set in the following amount:

The compensation for damage in size will not exceed the actual or declared value of baggage. Otherwise the action is brought in court to claim baggage. 

In case of delay in carriage of baggage or passenger compensation is paid according to RF Air Code Art. 120.

The Air Carrier is discharged for his liability for the following: 

The lost property and the one found in the passenger cabin as well as in the Airport area is kept in the Unclaimed Baggage Room during 30 days since its arrival for storage there. Upon termination of that period these items are sold or disposed of, or destructed in the established manner.

Passenger liability

The passenger according to the general Civil Code provisions (Art. 59) is liable for covering the damage brought due to his (her) fault to the Air Carrier’s property or the baggage of another passenger in custody of the Air Carrier.

The passenger on board the aircraft shall not be allowed to: