Car parking

Cost of parking

From 08.01.2013 the following order is set for parking service for the vehicles:

The cost of long-term guaranteed parking reservation:

Parking is free for the following vehicles:

Regulations for fee parking located at the square in front of Yakutsk Airport terminal

4.1 Entry to the fee parking lot is available only after paying for parking service with release of the respective cash receipt (except certain user categories listed by the special Order that park for free).

4.2. Regular visitors present the subscription coupon for parking services at the check point when entering the lot and after its validity is confirmed.

4.3. Exit from the fee parking lot is control-free.

4.4. After entering the fee parking lot the vehicle is parked at a marked space.

4.5. The following is prohibited in the area of the fee parking lot:

4.6. A vehicle presenting an obstacle for other vehicles can be displaced by the Parking lot authority (that may use dedicated recovery vehicles) over to the vacant space in the parking lot.

4.7. Access of trucks over 3 500 kg allowable weight is prohibited.