To customers

Documents required for cargo receipt 

For natural persons a passport or an ID is required.
For legal entities the power of attorney from the company is required.
For receiving perishable cargo a warrant certificate shall be submitted. 

Information on cargo dispatch

Maximum dimensions of air cargo 

Aircraft category





B -757


110 cm


135 cm


300 cm


B -737


125 cm


117 cm


250 cm




100 cm


60 cm


150 cm




90 cm


117 cm


250 cm




65 cm


80 cm


180 cm




40 cm


50 cm


50 cm


Requirements for cargo packing

The cargo without airworthy packing answering the above requirements is not accepted for carriage by air. You can get a more detailed information by phone at dispatch +7 (4112) 49-53-89.

Container marking requirements

— a full name of the consignor and his contact phone number; the address of the consignor;
— a full name of the consignee, his contact phone number; the destination address;

Carriage of personal belongings

Transportation of perishables

Cargo 200 (shipment of coffins with human remains)

— an official certificate of death issued by a registry office;
— the document of permission from sanitary officials.

— metal or metal-covered wooden boxes;
— free space between a metal coffin and a wooden filled with sawdust, coal, peat or lime. 

Carriage of dangerous cargo

For carriage of dangerous cargo the consignor shall have a certificate for the specific cargo and coordinate the cargo receipt with the dispatcher by phone +7 (4112) 49-53-89.